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After a difficult time for our national team in the local media, our start in the 19th Gulf Cup has been reasonable.  I’m getting back into a football mood – which is more than I can say for the crowds in Muscat.  Why are there so many empty seats?

Think football and a name familiar to many appears in front of you… in fluorescent yellow. HRH Pele. The above is an old photograph from Brazil’s visit to Kuwait in 2006.  We didn’t meet him, but he spoke briefly to the crowds.

I wish our national team the best for the rest of the competition.  Think BLUE everyone.


  1. Good luck for the Blue!

  2. I have had it with our national team and haven’t been following their matches for the past two years but for some reason this year’s GCC cup ignited my passion once again. For the first time in a very long time I enjoy their games although still they are far from perfect.

    Hope to see them win and bring back the joy and glory days to our country.

  3. It’s always a nice story to rise from being the underdogs… I hope today goes well. I’m nervous!

  4. I have started to have interest in the game all of a sudden!

  5. It’s an exciting time. We did good yesterday in the last 30 minutes of the first half. Tired after that – which is a concern.

    I wish the team all the best on Wednesday and in shaa Allah on Saturday 🙂

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