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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Not long ago, I was asked about Softmint – the first pigeon born at our house.  

I have great pleasure in sharing this photograph of Softmint feeding his young…  It’s hard to believe he was born here himself.  

The one thing I still haven’t been able to get over is how incredibly UGLY baby pigeons are.  It still baffles me how they transform in a couple of weeks.

I watched this line for a good half an hour yesterday.  If someone had asked me to spend half this time doing it, I would ask for money for the “pain”… or more honestly – I would have said I’m too busy.  Now that I’ve done it, and  thoroughly enjoyed it, I would pay to have the same simple pleasure again. Different birds were landing and taking off, disappearing into the blue sky, or the tree nearby.

Life can be very simple…  We just forget to keep it that way.

I received an email just before Christmas from the Middle East Director at Sovereign Strategy asking to use one of my photographs.  When I found out they were working with KNPC on their new Corporate Social Responsibility programme, I had no hesitation in agreeing.  The photograph is of my daughter Noor, which I took on Independence Day last year.

Yesterday, my wife and I were invited to the Press Launch for KNPC’s CSR.  The special thing about this project is that their aim is to be one of the first companies in the world to achieve a new ISO standard for social responsibility.  The first reported press release online was on Zawya.  It’s also featured in most of today’s papers.

Noor had her moment of fame yesterday.  She was at Kuwait Zoo at the time (school trip) and didn’t know anything about it 🙂

With the weather changing every day, our gardens don’t know what to do… The  Zenias didn’t do well at all.  They lost their colour within a month and are now unfortunately due to be removed when I get a free weekend.  The Alyssum however seems to love the colder weather.  Even those in pots have filled up and are beautifully overflowing.  I’m still and will always be addicted to their wonderful scent.

1. Sandy knows her way home from a walk.  

2. She recognises all members of her new family.  

3. She’s almost over her first cough/cold.

4. Her name tag is on its way from the engravers.  

So, now that she’s part of our family, I wanted a laptop wallpaper photograph of her. This was my favourite.

After a difficult time for our national team in the local media, our start in the 19th Gulf Cup has been reasonable.  I’m getting back into a football mood – which is more than I can say for the crowds in Muscat.  Why are there so many empty seats?

Think football and a name familiar to many appears in front of you… in fluorescent yellow. HRH Pele. The above is an old photograph from Brazil’s visit to Kuwait in 2006.  We didn’t meet him, but he spoke briefly to the crowds.

I wish our national team the best for the rest of the competition.  Think BLUE everyone.