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This blog is as far away from politics as I can get.  The recent attacks on Gaza are as far away from politics as one can get.  Regardless of the reasons, whether it’s the Palestinian groups or Israel’s over-reaction, the murder of innocent civilians on this scale – and in the front of the whole world – is unacceptable.  We fight terrorism around the world.  We can’t understand terrorists because of their methods.  The last thing we need is governments applying the same tactics!

I pray this is over soon.  May God rest the souls of all the victims. 

Photographs of the massacre are in abundance, so  I kept my lens cap on and took the shot above.


  1. i agree…
    whats going on is simply pathetic =S

  2. yes, it hurts each time we hear the terrorists strike, so callously, going about as if its their next project on the agenda….
    lets hope the New Year brings in a better scene world wide..Bless the minds…bless them with a clarity of thought…those involved…all we can hope for and wish for.
    Wishing you and family a Happy New year!!

  3. Thank you Dandoon and onlooker. Happy New Year to you too.

  4. Nice photo and message!

  5. may this all end soon.

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