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Even though I don’t spend much time here, I feel at home in Bahrain.  The people are lovely and the place is really well manicured.  I always notice the attention to detail that places like Muscat and Dubai place on their appearance – something we definately need to work on in Kuwait – and Bahrain is great at it.  Beautiful landscaping and lots of care for older buildings.

I have many Bahraini friends and I manage to meet some of them during my visits. This time is even more special.  I received an email from an old classmate in the UK, who tells me he had relocated to Bahrain with his family a few months ago.  I’m reading this email as I’m checking in at the hotel in Manama.  He had seen many cars with Kuwaiti number plates and wondered if I ever visited.  I haven’t seen him for four years, so imagine the surprise when I called him – minutes after he sent the email – telling him I’m actually in Bahrain today!  We will have lunch in an hour.

The buildings in the picture are my new favourite modern building in the whole Gulf. Previously the top of the list was the tower in Dubai on Sh Zayed Road.  

Back in May, I read a post by Mahmoud Al Yousef about Bahrain being ranked number 8 sin city in the world!  Mahmoud doesn’t blog any more, but this is a link to the post.  

I can’t help imagining these twin buildings as the horns of the devil…


  1. i remember watching the making of this building on either nat.geo or discovery!
    the turbines were installed painstakingly and i think they actually do generate electricity for most of the building.
    the bilding faces the sea so there’s plenty of wind at all times.

  2. I remember on Aprils Fools day one time, someone said Bahrain was making these fans to cool people in the summer, thus reducing the need for ACs and antiperspirant.

  3. — sadia
    They do generate electricity. The building received recognition for being environmentally friendly. I can imagine fitting the tribunes is a challenge. I still can’t imagine what the constant vibration may do…

    — Abid
    It will take more than three fans… and antiperspirant will always be needed. In some parts of the world – it should be applied via giant fans like these 🙂

    • Um Yousef
    • Posted 21 November 2008 at 6:17 pm
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    Great new look-love the horns of the devil idea too 🙂

  4. Thanks


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