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I took this from a Gulf Air flight out of Kuwait this morning. The weather was beautiful and clear. The plane was banking to the right and I found myself staring at this view of KWI. For the first time, I noticed the name “Kuwait” written on the ground in that huge lettering. I wonder if they’re lower beds? It seems too big an area. Have a look at the larger version by clicking the photograph.

I fly through many airports around the world, and I still think Kuwait’s is one of the best.  Even though I now associate cigarette smoke smell with the lady’s voice calling the gates, and that KWI doesn’t have good shops and restaurant, it scores high where it counts.  For me, the most important factors are world class: Good highway connection, close/cheap long term parking, short distances to walk between gates and lounges, and most importantly it takes less than 25 minutes to do everything – whether departing or arriving.  

This will change, and soon, with all the planned expansions and runways.  We currently have 8 million passengers coming through Kuwait, the new airport will have a capacity of 20 million.  I have a friend working on this project but he’s unable to share with me anything confidential. Al Watan Daily had an article on 6th November about the new plans.  Read it here if you’re interested.

It looks like this small airport luxury will be gone soon, so enjoy it! Even with the Hajj rush starting soon…


  1. less than 25 minutes??
    as amazing as the dubai international airport is, it’s a pain!
    one has to walk for AGES, up and down escalators, etc.
    getting those trolley bags on escalators is a task in itself.
    it’s even worst when on arrival after a long and tiring flight you have to walk for ages to get to passport check….and then the baggage claim!
    not good at all!
    one thing good is that they have plenty of restrooms…and the shopping’s great too!…plus now that the have restaurants like mc.donald’s and costa, one feels like turning up early for their flight!…lol..
    it feels like a mall!

  2. that WAS interesting the ‘Kuwait’ part! got a good look in the zoom mode.

  3. — sadia
    The new Emirates terminal is very impressive. You have to expect some delay with larger airports.

    — onlooker
    Thanks… I’m not sure what they’ve used for the huge print? small trees, concrete? No idea.

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