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Late last week, I heard a funny fact on BBC Radio; If the Washington Redskins win in the week of the election, the incumbent party would win… Apparently this has been true since 1936! They lost – so the rule still applies.

The International Institute of Economics spoils the fun saying there were gaps. However, with a bit of magic, they add the Boston Red Sox to the equation and everybody is happy. Article here if you’re interested.

Speaking of everybody being happy – I really think everyone is!

I have to admit, I was not expecting Obama to win, not even two hours before the final result was announced.  I am so glad I was wrong. Well Done America – and congratulations to the World.


  1. Gives a whole different feeling now, doesn’t it? Obama is truly honest and genuine, he got good intentions and soooooo much mess to cleanup.

  2. It does. Hugely different.

    I am very impressed by how much innovation comes from the US. I never thought it would reach the slimy world of politics. The secret of their success really is no secret at all – they just always seek better. “Yes we can!”

  3. For a while I have lost faith towards the American people, in terms of standing for their rights and doing really what they want cus they seemed drowning for the past few years, they seemed easily being influenced by small events or talks, but they stood up, “3afya 3alehom” 🙂

  4. I think I agree with Patrick to some extent. I bet against Obama bcz i didnt expect him to win and I was playing the odds. But, I am not sure the American people deserve someone like him. Or maybe they expect too much from him and he wont be able to deliver. Economically speaking these are one of the worst times in history. Lets just see what he does.

    FYI [friend sent this today] : Rahm Emanuel: New Whitehouse chief of staff… trained as a ballet dancer. The cool part is that his brother Ari emanuel is the inspiration for “Ari Gold” in Entourage!!!!

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