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Meet Mr Brown, Noor’s favorite pigeon.  In this photograph he looks a little evil, but he’s actually a lovely and friendly bird. My camera lens is invading his space, hence the temper.

You see, today he is a proud father of a new chick (if you look carefully, you can just see a bit of baby Brown) and tomorrow the second egg will hatch.

Personally, I only want to keep a few homing pigeons.  I don’t race but I am fascinated by their amazing navigation and flying skills.  The children however have other ideas – and of course I have to listen 🙂  On days like this, I’m glad I do.


    • 8bitsofcoffee
    • Posted 29 October 2008 at 3:43 pm
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    Where 😐 I want to see baby brown!
    And he doesn’t look evil at all, actually cuddly. I never though I would use cuddly in the same context as bird!

  1. Baby pigeons are the ugliest. You’ll see the chicks when they’re fully grown 🙂

    He is cuddly isn’t he… Maybe that’s why Noor likes him?

  2. I was at the vet in Wafra and he had a huge poster of all kinds of pigeons. It had never occurred to me that vets took care of pigeons.

  3. I find if their home is kept clean and fresh food and water is provided daily there are no problems to speak of. The problem is you have many in one place – and when one is ill, they are all at risk. I do use some vitamins now and then in their feed to boost their immune system.

    So far – touch wood – nothing major. but I do have an injured chick at the moment which was hit by another pigeon and the right eye doesn’t look so good 😦

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