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I love the Sunday papers.  I personally buy the Sunday Times, whenever I’m in London.  All this reading material, which takes me at least a week to finish, printed in high quality for two pounds!

You get the usual paper with the day’s news, a weekly news review, business, money (personal finance), fashion magazine, another magazine in very high quality, culture, sports, a gadget suppliment (my favourite), a free short book, property and travel.

I want to buy it in Kuwait but I shall for ever refuse to pay 3.5 KD for something I know costs 1 KD plus shipment.


  1. Is it available online?

  2. LLOOOLLLL! I love house magazines, decorating and renovating, do-it-yourself. I went to buy one of my favorites here, and noticed the cashier charged me (the equivalent of) $20! I told her I wouldn’t be taking it – I pay $5 for it in the States and think that is a lot!

    I love the Sunday papers so much that I buy them Saturday night, so I can read them leisurely, and in the US, they also have lots of ads – Target, Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Macy’s etc. and I love a bargain! There are real nuggets of information in those papers. Book reviews!

  3. $20 for tips on how to save $10 a year with new energy saving bulbs 🙂

    If they priced these imported magazines/papers a bit more reasonably, wouldn’t they sell more and make up the margin?

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