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I have been using my other blog in a similar way to this one.  I find excuses for good photographs, attemt to take them and then I post them on the blog. Today, I am making a distinction. will remain as it is today, my photographs etc.  However is changing.

I want it to be more interactive and informative.  I will post any news I have on Mangaf, the construction, events, notices and more.  Readers can also add their comments and discussions. It’s still under construction.  Have a look anyway and let me know your thoughts.

The photograph above was taken today.  This is my new MSI Wind which is one of my best buys for some time… I’ve also been using Google Chrome (a new browser) which is just excellent.


    • 8bitsofcoffee
    • Posted 8 September 2008 at 2:36 am
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    I secound your compliment on Google Chrome. Simple, fast, and very user-friendly. As soon as I downloaded it and actually used it, I haven’t bothered using anything else. Thought sometimes I have to use firefox for my clipping purposes, but I’m sure enough they will soon be available for Chrome.

  1. 8bitsofcoffee,
    Always appreciate your visits and more so your comments.
    Do you write? Please share your URL if you do.

  2. Unfortunately, Google Chrome is not yet available for the Mac. Until it is, I can’t even try it 😦

    The funny part is, my grandfather (late 70s) installed and tried Chrome before me :p

  3. That’s funny Abid :)… Hope you try it soon.

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