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Paris airport

That’s right… it’s Friday the 8th of the 8th of the 8th.  it’s 08:08 and I am officially on holiday for two weeks… Thank god!


  1. Hi,Great blog and excellent pix.this is meant to be a comment to your Kuwait mini Guide but, I couldn’t post it there. I started a blog at initially intended to expacts in Kuwait. It didn’t get much response. Hence, I sort of abandoned it. Feel free to use the links and/info on Kuwait there, there is also a resturant guide at the right. Make sure to check the old posts too. The pix I used though don’t measure up to yours for mine were all pasted from google.

  2. Thank you Palmaholics…

    I will review the info on your blog and thank you in advance for allowing me to use the material. Appreciate your visit and comment too.

    All the best…

  3. Wasnt that the exact same time of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics???

  4. Yes – but this was morning and the Olympics were in the evening.

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