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Monthly Archives: July 2008

who's running away from whom? by you.

Another London photograph.  This was on Oxford Street (John Lewis) and Noor was chasing a pigeon.  When it started flying, Noor started running away.  This was the exact moment when Noor changed her mind.

_MAA0535 by you.

Regent’s Park London

DSC_6972 by you.

With the unrelenting summer heat, I thought it’s time to cool down the pages.  I found this photograph I took of the gardenia last spring in the rain.

_MAA0695 by you.

Two days ago I decided to catch up on some of the gardening.  The grass is overgrown, there are weeds everywhere and the trees need trimming.  At 1430, my car thermometer read 56.5°C !!  I decided to wait for it to “cool” down.  At midnight, it was still 40.5°C.  These were not official temperatures (car is in the sun and all that) but it put me off even attempting.

Yesterday’s excuse was a different one.  This huge cloud of fog/haze/dust landed on the city and suburbs.  Last night, on my drive back from Kuwait City, this was the scene at Fahaheel (an area 40km south of Kuwait).  The whole journey was the same and I saw at least three accidents.

I hope I don’t find another excuse tomorrow…

The sun is setting over Heathrow’s horizon. 

I took this an hour before we boarded.

Even though we have pigeons at home, we’ve been Londoners long enough to know not to feed the city’s feral pigeons.  With mixed feelings, I also understood the decision to reduce (remove) the pigeons at Trafalgar Square. 

However, everytime I go past the place, I remember the good old days of not being able to wear a white shirt.  With all the health concerns, it’s nice to see the odd stubborn resident around.

A few months ago I cleaned my father’s old camera and serviced it fully ready for use.  I wanted to bring it London where he bought it over thirty years ago – and take some memorable shots with it.

I’m sure you will agree that the result is not disappointing.  I was happy with quite a few shots.  This one was by far my favourite.

Now I haven’t been to Turkey – but foodwise I feel as though I have.

This place is simply the best.  I have been to many parts of the world and am yet to find a doner/shawerma place of this quality.  The meat they use, the super fresh salad, the fresh chilli sauce, and the unquestionable service, make this one of the must stops during any visit to London.

My father introduced me to this place in 1989.  He and his study mates in the Seventies would make the trip from all over England for the then only halal place in London.  In 2008, the owners are still the same and the quality is the same if not better.

In true Bosphorus style, please post your comments about the place and I will share these with the people during my next visit.  For those who don’t know, the restaurant walls are covered with comments from customers from all over the world.

I highly recommed the “Lamb Burger” – but honestly all their grilled food is excellent.

Location is at 59 Old Brompton Road – South Kensington.  More information here.


We are in London and the children had their first visit to Hamleys.  They’re not the only ones who get toys – This is my first post using the new Nikon D300… A little more complicated than I had imagined.

… and pleased to say this will not be a business trip.  Can’t wait to see my wife and kids.

This the front of our house.  The view has completely changed in the past few weeks and it will continue to do so.  They’re working on the third floor!  I will post about their progress on my Mangaf blog.

It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen this on TV nor the fact that I’ve learned about it at such a young age – it is simply fascinating.  The egg hatched at 14 days.  Welcome to the new addition.  We’re thinking of names.  Suggestions please.



With my telephone connection finally fixed, I can do some catching up…

Last time I went to Dubai, I stayed at the Crowne Plaza in Festival City.  I am rarely impressed by hotel rooms and their decor, especially with modern builds.  However this was a little different.  The room/toilet are small, but by using a glass wall in the middle, it fealt like I was staying in a suite.

Meet Jaafer, Yousef’s favourite bird.  I’m posting this photograph so that Yousef can see it during his time away.