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Monthly Archives: June 2008

With temperatures reaching 50°C (higher) and schools closing, it’s time to reclaim the world of airports and hotels.  This is the only time of year when I disassociate waiting at gates and checking into hotels with business travel.

The photograph above was taken some time ago at Kuwait airport.  Look up next time you’re there.

The birds are happier with their new environment and are enjoying flying around Mangaf.  They are slowly building their courage to go further and further out.  This is one of them returning for the evening feed.

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This was one of the first photographs taken on the first day with my then new Nikon D70s.  This was  in August 2006 and I think it’s time for a new camera – one that allows me to appear like a better photographer. 

Research is now over.  Final decision: Nikon D300.


Our pigeons were finally released yesterday.  I gave them a month or so to get used to their new home.  It seems they know where they are now and they’re happy here.  They all returned by sunset.  It’s a great feeling to be able to keep birds without confining them against their will. 

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With all the dust in the air and the horrible weather, I’m posting this photograph taken in our garden in May.  I can’t wait for clear/clean air!

May Last Year

Many are talking about the dust like it’s a new thing!  This is Kuwait people! I keep hearing things like “This year is the worst ever” “This year’s dust is too fine” “Visibility is the worst it has ever been” “It will last until the end of the year”

It may have lasted a little longer this time – but it’s nothing new.  The photograph above was taken in May last year.  Believe it or not this is the junction of 30 with the First Ring Road so on a clear day all you’ll see is buildings about 100m from the highway sign.

Enjoy the lovely summer – oh and wear a mask.

I was tidying up my files when I came across this photo.  Flying back from Paris (over Germany) I saw this 747 from my window.  I managed to catch it before it disappeared into a line of condensation.  Photograph taken on 21 01 2008.


One of the things I miss most when I travel is good coffee.

There is nothing like it in the morning; the noise of the grinder disturbing everyone around me, the constant banging in the kitchen sink (pretending to be a barista), and the music of the espresso machine pumping steam into the golden powder.


I’m having the cup in the photo as I write this post. I need to get back to my work as soon as I finish this.

Disclaimer: I also miss my wife and children when I travel!

One of the few things that still taste good from childhood.