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Monthly Archives: May 2008

This is my father’s camera.  I worked on it in April and I think it’s ready for the road.  It’s 30 + years old and I want to take it back to London where my father purchased it.  He mentioned that there was a Jubilee special – so this would make it 1976 right?


This is the latest family to move in on our road. It’s official – we now have pigeons. Welcome to your new home.

Update 29 05 2008: Nest is ready with one egg.  Parents eating more.


Update 31 05 2008: Two eggs in nest.  Male and female take turns for incubation.

Update 26 06 2008: The original eggs were left and a new egg is now being cared for.  Expecting the second in the next few hours.  The first set of eggs are just sitting there now.  I don’t want to disturb them further, so I will let them decide what to do.

I’m in Dubai without my camera… I miss it!

This is my view from the hotel which I captured during my February visit. I’m staying at the same room again.