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It was my first trip to Iran. I was going on business (Iran Oil Show) and I really did not know what to expect. Based on some very limited information and mainly driven by what images I see in the media, I had low expectations of the place.

I am very pleased to say that I was wrong. In fact I was way off. This city is interesting in so many ways. The people, the history, the views, the climate and the culture are so different from Kuwait – yet, in many ways, very familiar. I felt I was a visitor but not one who had never been to Iran before!


The effects of sanctions are apparent (for example you can’t use a credit card anywhere in the country) and there are delays on major projects such as the impressive Milad Tower (photo below) and the extension of the Metro. The overall feel however is one of a well-maintained proud city with a rich culture and 

history. The people are friendly and much more relaxed than one would imagine.

Another pleasant surprise for me was the flight time of one hour and twenty minutes! I now need to find some time and take the family for a long weekend.

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