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Monthly Archives: May 2007

Summer is now here and is showing its muscles. It reached 48°C today and gardening was hard work! The two trees are finding their way into the ground and shaping up nicely. I managed to get rid of the cube shape theu had when I bought them.

Still debating whether to let them grow naturally or banzai….

I love gardening.  I’ve always loved gardening. 

We have a small space outside my house 40 sq m and I needed to have something more natural than tiles within our perimeter wall.  It was time to do some measuring, marking, drilling, breaking, digging and tidying. All this before a single plant was in view.  With the “help” of 3 “builders” it took “two days”. 

To make it even more exciting, they managed to damage the main electric line into the house. Twelve hours and 150KD later, we had power again.