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The Big Apple….. This photo was obviously taken a while back… I had it framed and in my house a month before September 11th… The world is a different place as well as New York.Heavy stuff aside, New York….. What a city! I love it. My love for London is not a secret and it’s probably why I felt so at home here.

The city that never sleeps is on our list for another trip soon.


  1. Nice picture, but this post is from April 2001, or did you edit your post? Cause i’m pretty sure you’re mentioning that you took the picture before 9/11-2001.

    • Thanks… Yes. April 2001: five months before September 11th 2001.

      • I should explain that I started this blog on WordPress in 2008. I added older posts (from my website) using the date of the photos – hence the confusion between text and image.

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